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We can review your account and look at seasonal averages. Then we can put together an estimate of what you user in a season for chemicals. Our service department will review your account purchase history to determine what you use for an entire season. If you would like just a few chemicals to get started, select "Please have a sales associate call and review with me."

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Pool Opening/Closing Packages:

Standard Pool Opening:

  1. Clean (solid covers only), roll/fold winter cover and water tubes for ingrounds & air pillow for above grounds.
  2. Install all fittings and deck equipment (excludes diving boards).
  3. Remove winter plugs and test circulation equipment to check for leaks.
  4. Shock/Chlorinate water with up to 2lbs shock or 2gals of liquid chlorine.
  5. Light wash of organic cover line on pool deck (inground only).
  6. Light brush and vac in addition to netting debris for ingrounds. Above grounds will be netted of debris.

*Cover MUST be dry and clear of debris.
*Somertime recommends testing pool water a full 24hrs after pool is opened.

Partial Pool Opening:

Includes #2-6 ONLY

Standard Pool Closing:

  1. Cover pool with existing cover and position/fill water tubes for ingrounds) & position/fill air pillow for above grounds).
  2. Remove all fittings and deck equipment (excludes diving boards).
  3. Cover motor, multiport valve, heater, dive and chlorinator/brominator in protective plastic.
  4. Winterize all plumbing lines and install winterizing plugs.

* Customized winter chemical kits available for an additional cost. Must specify if you have a mesh cover.

Partial Pool Closing:

Includes #4 ONLY